Pet Dental Care

Did you know that one simple procedure can increase your pet's lifespan by 3-5 years?
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Thinking of getting dog dental or cat dental services for your pet? Did you know that not every Scottsdale animal clinic or animal hospital offers the same services?

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Important thing's to consider when comparing dog dental or cat dental services

  • Do they study the patient's health history or do a full physical exam?

  • Do they do an initial oral survey?
  • Do they perform a supragingival calculus removal?
  • Do they use individually autoclavesterilized packs to remove calculus?
  • Do they offer tooth polishing as part of the dog dental or cat dental package?
  • Do they use an air/water handpiece to flush out all debris?
  • Do they offer a complete charting of all teeth?
  • Do they have digital xrays done to ensure complete tooth extraction and removal?
  • Do they perform full mouth radiographs and provide a copy for you to keep including
  • before and after photos?
  • Do they offer a treatment plan that is designed specifically for you for your pet?
  • Do they give you home care options to continue proper dental health?
  • Do they schedule a free recheck appointment for 2 weeks after the dental?
  • Do they have an IV fluid support system to keep your pet hydrated during the procedure?
  • Do they have a three person team monitoring your pet during the procedure including the veterinarian, the anesthesia technician, and the dental technician?
  • Do they do presurgery blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery?